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Reviews from (2008-present)

My 14 y.o. son had resisted learning how to ride a bicycle ever since he outgrew his tricycle. I signed him up for a 2 hour lesson with John. John's patience and his gentle encouraging way had my son cycling a little into his 2nd hour. I couldn't be happier with the result. I highly recommend John and his Bicycle Solutions.
Steve B.
I met with John on April 15th at Escondido Elementary School in Palo Alto. I had a little bit of experience on a bicycle and could get started (shakily) and ride around a little bit. One thing you realize after working with someone like John is that there's a lot of things that people learned intuitively as children and really aren't aware of what they're doing as adults. He gave me a few techniques for getting on and off the bike, starting, stopping and turning. Practicing these drills has given me a lot more confidence and I was able to go on a 7 mile bike ride on the Monterey rec trail last weekend. I'm still a little awkward and shaky, but he definitely propelled my ability forward. If you're frustrated with your progress, I'm very confident he can unlock the next level for you! Thanks John!
Grace G.
John is an amazing teacher. He explained and demonstrated every step very clearly. I was cycling in less than an hour. Thank you,John! Do not hesitate scheduling an appointment with John. It was well worth the time and money!
Dilshoda Y.
I had an amazing time learning how to ride with John!! He is such a great instructor - patient, kind, thorough, and incredibly knowledgeable! I was a little intimidated coming to class thinking it would be hard and that I wouldn't be able to pick the skill up. However, within 30 mins John had me gliding and pedaling on my own. Instead of being intimidating, the class ended up being pure FUN! If you have always wanted to learn how to ride a bike but felt it might be too late, give John a call - he will turn you into a bicycle pro in under 2 hours so you can go on bicycle adventures!!
Mz. P.
Anthony DiSalvo is an excellent teacher. He explains everything very clearly and also shows you if you don't understand. He had me cycling within an hour much to my immense surprise & absolute delight. I left a very happy woman. Thanks Anthony. I highly recommend him.
Sheela C.
Great refresher lesson with Anthony. He was patient and it felt like I got some freedom back. Recommend them and thank you!
Jane D.
There aren't enough stars to describe how amazing a teacher John is! Our 7 year old learned to ride in one lesson. John knows just how to break things into steps, how to give verbal and on-bike instructions, and how to build body memory of the new skills quickly. He is kind, and his experience shows. We saw the tail end of the previous lesson, where another rider had learned to ride in one lesson. Just amazing!!!! Also, John kept adjusting the bike as our daughter's skills increased, I think she went through 3 different adjustments during the lesson. John really knows what he is doing, and how to fit the bike to the rider at each stage in learning.
Jean S.
We live in the East Bay, and we were looking for somebody to help us teach our daughter how to ride a bike. We tried ourselves, it was not a good experience, she was very reluctant to try again. We called at 8:30 AM, and by 10 AM on a Sunday we were meeting Anthony for our lesson in Alameda. We spent two hours with him, and by the end of it, she was up and riding on the bicycle. It was a really great experience. We now have a great base to work off of. I'm going to find out if my older son wants to learn how to ride as well. I highly recommend this company, and it was the best money we could've spent.
Maliha K.
While John's forte clearly lies in teaching people how to ride bikes, I think he could teach people anything. He is present, engaged, focused, takes the time to get to know his students and their strengths/weaknesses, observes them carefully, and takes the time to develop and teach methodologies that work for a particular student, and modifies when necessary. He also possesses infinite patience, a dry sense of humor, and a can-do attitude unlike any that I've seen before. I'm 31 years old and am learning how to ride a bike for the first time, lack any coordination skills whatsoever, busted ankles, and also have a terrible fear of falling. Oh, and I also get incredibly easily frustrated, and have a tendency to get inside my head and convince myself that I can't do something. John somehow managed to glean that, break it down, and teach me that I could indeed learn how to ride a bike, and ride it well using proper techniques. I know this may seem silly for those who grew up riding bikes - but for adults and children alike, the feeling when you're able to do even a short ride (and under John's tutelage, rapidly progressive longer rides) is unlike anything else - it feels like (physical and mental) soaring. Thanks, John!
Rachel S.
Having reached my thirties never having balanced on a bike before I didn't hold out much hope but John had me riding in the school yard within my first lesson. I booked a second lesson in which John gave me more tips on changing gears, fitting and maintaining the bike, manoeuvring and stopping safely. It has changed my life, and given me new confidence. John is an excellent teacher- he is patient, encouraging and explains things very clearly.
I only Yelp if something is great or horrible. In this case, there are not enough superlatives to describe John. I'm a 50 something, mildly uncoordinated non-athlete who NEVER rode a bike before. Took three lessons with John last summer. He got me pedaling lesson 1, and by lesson 2 I was building some basic skills. I was able to go buy a bike, and I have been riding ever since. John was patient, thorough, and kind. I owe him thanks for getting me over my trepidation and helping me acquire a new life skill.
Sally L.
I have had many people try to teach me how to ride a bike to no avail. A friend of mine, took lessons from John and she was very happy with his instructions. Alas, John was on vacation and my lesson was with Anthony who did a great job teaching me. By end the of the first hour, Anthony had me riding around the parking lot. The next hour we were practicing turns, using the brakes, and the gears (which I couldn't remember to do). The 2 hour lesson was money well spent and I was no longer holding onto the bike handles with a death grip. He taught me handle signals and where to purchase a brand new or 2nd hand bike. Anthony was patient and very good instructor.
Neelam M.
This is way overdue! Thank you John! Two years ago, at age 35 I learned how to ride a bicycle in 90min. I didn't ride for 2 years after the class. I decided to go to a refresher course in the East Bay, John happened to be one of instructors! This time, after the class, I got a bike and started riding. John is a "Bike Whisperer" :-) He is patient, fully present, able to read the client's capabilities, fears and calm them, build confidence and motivate inner strength. I was thankful to a dear friend who recommended John to me. Thank you John...You and your team are making a difference in the World one bicyclist at a time!!!
Anja X.
It took me 20 years to make up my mind and try to learn biking again. The first experience was very discouraging: wrong size bike, no help, no guidance, ten days of wheeling around a wobbly lawn and bruised knees for weeks after that (not from falling but from hitting the handlebar while pedaling). I was determined to do it right this time. And I couldn't have picked a better teacher. John is very responsive, patient, and encouraging. And clearly very experienced in the art of personalized instruction. Vi H. gave a very helpful summary of John's methodology in her review, so I'll just add some personal observations. When we were scheduling the lesson by email, John recommended that as a first-time learner (I didn't think my actual first time counted) I should take 2 hours instead of 90 minutes. Whether it is because my body remembered something from 20 years ago, or because John's approach is so efficient, I managed to go through the initial steps rather quickly, and 40 minutes into the lesson I was already pedaling and turning with some confidence. Now, I don't think the pace of my progress was in any way unique, but John's endorsement of my first attempts helped to quell my anxiety greatly. John brought a bike that could be adjusted to my height, and kept raising the seat throughout the lesson, until I reached the proper leg extension/posture combination. The pace of these adjustments, and of moving from one skill to the next was very comfortable. Every time I completed a step, John asked how it felt, and a couple of times I had to say: "It feels like I'm a different person!" A person who can ride a bike, that is. The comments and advice I got from John throughout the lesson gave me a clear idea of the things I need to pay special attention to. For example, I tended to neglect the brakes at times, and had some difficulty visualizing the turns ahead of time, which even caused me to crash once (and I'm glad I did because now I know what it feels like and don't fear crashing on my own as much; not that I plan to). John immediately suggested we take a break, and used this time to explain some theoretical concepts and to show me how to adjust the seat and handlebar. I also learned to appreciate the proper starting and stopping techniques, and the importance of good posture. The lesson took place in the courtyard of Escondido Elementary School near Stanford, and although school was on spring break, some kids were hanging around and watching my attempts with amusement. I generally hate being watched whatever I do, but in this case I didn't mind because mastering these new skills felt so exhilarating and empowering. By the end of the lesson my brain and my muscles were getting a little tired and overwhelmed by all the new information, so John took the remaining minutes to offer some ideas for further training on my own - the skills that I should learn next and how to approach them, different aspects of riding in traffic, the places best suited for practice, the tips on choosing a bike, the types of locks and how to use them, and other helpful stuff. If you are still not convinced by all the glowing reviews, just give it a try. You won't regret it, and you may even come back for more (I know I might, once I'm ready for the next big challenge, i.e. road bike).
Nikeeta K.
I'm so happy to pile on to the already amazing reviews for Bicycle Solutions -- Diane was truly a great teacher. Not only did I get to finally learn how to ride a bicycle (the proper way!) after nearly 30 years of trying, but I had a great time while learning. The other reviews were right - Diane is a great conversationalist, which puts you at ease while she's teaching you how to ride. She knows so much about the history of bicycles and patiently explains the physics behind the proper techniques. Her style of incrementally building on skills really ensures that you feel comfortable as you progress. She doesn't rush you, nor slow you down - so even though the recommendation is for 2 lessons, we finished up in 1! I've already purchased my beginner bike (only a few days after our lesson) because I'm finally genuinely excited to practice and ride a bike in the future. Thanks Diane!
Orangen B.
Another five-star review... no surprise. John is a great instructor. He's great at figuring out what's wrong with your technique and how to fix it. It's very helpful when you forget to do something and he points it out - awareness, correction, and reinforcement make for great learning. My session was at the perfect pace. At no time did John rush me or stick to one area too long. He doesn't go at a snail's pace and make you do something over and over when you'll eventually learn them through other routines anyway. This gave me more time to learn more complex steps. Nothing else to say except book a session with him.
Geo M.
I took 90 minutes class with John, I finished the class and I was able to speak "bike" fluently! He was patient, and give me the instruction that I needed. At the end of the class John also dropped me to the nearest bart station. Highly recommended! Thanks John!
I had tried before to learn how to ride a bike but always struggled. I was low on confidence that I would eventually learn. John coached me very well by taking me through several steps to increase my confidence and technique. Within 15 minutes, I could glide without pedals. Within an hour, I could ride with two pedals. By the end of the lesson, I was able to get on the bike, get off the bike, start, ride, coast, turn, control my speed and more. I wholeheartedly recommend his services. I am now capable of riding a bike.
retesh s.
John does a great job of breaking down all of the steps needed to go from a total newbie on a bike to riding in circles around a parking lot fairly smoothly. The steps are easy to understand and the bike is not too intimidating after a while. Highly recommend!
Amihan M.
I now know why all these reviews are five stars. When you've spent close to thirty five years trying unsuccessfully to learn how to ride a bike and you manage to do it in a couple of hours with Bicycle Solutions you are automatically a fan. When you get a patient, thoughtful, and expert teacher as John, it's as good as it gets! The review from Vi H. breaks down the methodology pretty well, so I'm not going to repeat. All I'm going to add is that it's not a question of IF you'll learn how to ride, but how many hours it will take (based on your fitness level because John will stop the lesson if he sees you are getting tired). You WILL learn. John will also teach you safety, and more information about bikes than what you would have learned from your dad. Don't even think about it anymore. Sign up!. It'll be the best money you'll ever spend. I would have paid more!!!. Thanks, John!
Stephanie J.
If I had to pick one word to describe John it would be AMAZING. He taught my 5 year old how to ride a bike and he loved it so much that he continues to want to schedule lessons to learn more skills.
Everything about working with him was a pleasure and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to ride a bike.
Hugh G.
Diane, who works with John at Bicycle Solutions, taught our son aged 5-1/2 to ride a bike in 45 minutes.  He started the lesson with difficulty climbing onto the bicycle and ended the lesson showing off his newfound skills -- spinning around the empty parking lot with great control over the bike and plenty of confidence.  Diane was fantastic -- she is good with kids, clear, and friendly.  She communicated clearly via email about setting up the lesson and answered all my questions in advance about cancellation policy, etc.  She was also fast to respond and we scheduled the lesson at relatively short notice.  She shared some great tips about helmet safety that are probably worth their weight in gold (and let's face it a child's safety is priceless).  Overall I was very satisfied and highly recommend her to others.  Thanks, Diane!
Vi H.
I promised myself I would learn to ride a bike before I turned 30.  I am 31 now and until a few hours ago, could not ride a bike.

I will spare you the childhood history and the anxiousness I felt leading up to my lesson (what if I still can't ride a bike??? Everyone on yelp learned!) and give you a brief summary of my experience:

1 -  Signing up for a lesson: easy to do online and John responds to emails extremely quickly.  His system is also set up to send a few reminders about when your lesson will be (not an annoying amount, just enough to not forget).  Hardest part is probably the internal struggle you have with yourself.

2 - What to bring: If you don't have one, buy a helmet.  Ladies, I recommend Bern, they are the cutest ones I could find...cute for a helmet anyway.  Also, bring water and wear sunglasses if sunny.  Obviously wear tennis shoes.  John will provide a bike based on your height.

3 - The location: I met John in the parking lot of Alemany Farmers' market - a big lot with a slight incline to help your momentum.  I was lucky enough to have motorcyclists, skateboarders, and a group of firemen watch me - but I really didn't care because I was extremely proud of myself for just showing up.  Plus. there was always a ton of room so don't worry about crowding.

4 - The lesson: John will give you a basic intro to bikes and based on your experience and his evaluation of your first few attempts to glide (more on that later), he will customize his lesson.  For me, it was a 3-phase class - first, I learned to glide without any pedals in order to balance on a bike (this was definitely the most difficult part for me).  Second, I glided with only 1 pedal to get a feel for the pressure I would need to put on the pedal and to continue working on braking, slowing down, balancing, etc.  Third, I rode with 2 pedals, practiced turning and coasting.  I don't know how, but I was able to pedal without falling on the first try.  I almost wanted to cry I was so happy.

4 - John might be the most patient person ever because even I was getting annoyed with myself during the lesson (see phase 1), but he was nothing but encouraging the whole time.  He was also detailed about how to position your body on the bike and did a really good job demonstrating on the bike and providing analogies to help me translate skills I already had into riding the bike.  

I really can't say enough about how amazing it feels to finally be able to ride a bike.  I honestly tried maybe 2x in life so if I can do it, anyone can. I felt safe the whole time because John was knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable (he will adjust the bike several times to ensure your ride is as easy as it can be).  When the lesson was over, he gave me even more info on where to go from here - places to practice, videos to watch, safety classes to take, bike shops to buy a bike, etc.  

The freedom and relief I felt once I learned was worth about 5,000% more than the 2 hours and money spent on the lesson.  I am probably going to take another lesson!
Toni H.
This review is two parts:
First part - John is ah-mazing.  I am 34 and have never ever been on a bike in my life.  In 90 minutes I can confidently say that I can ride a bike!  I of course need a bit more practice to feel comfortable in traffic etc.  But all in all John gave me something I thought I would never ever have.  I am so happy I could almost cry.  He was so patient and non-judgemental, everything you would want in a coach.

Secondly, if you are reading this it might be because you want to ride a bike too, and like me you thought it would never happen.  What if I fall?  What if I can't?  blah blah blah... get the voices out of your head right now!  You can do it!!!  E-mail John set up an appointment and make it happen - I promise you - you will not regret it.
Judy B.
This is the second class I've taken from John.  On both occasions, I received more needful information than I expected.  He has great experience.  This time, the course was part lecture/video and part hands-on.  We brought our bikes into the classroom and he and his team were able to answer questions specific to our bikes and our situations.  Don't miss.
Ian W.
This was the very best $90 I have ever spent. And, given what $90 typically gets you in this day and age, my guess is that it's the best $90 I will ever spend!

(Caveat: I think the price is going up a bit soon. No matter; every penny is worth it!)
Uma V.
I have never ridden a bike before and had refused to learn as a kid since I was too scared. As an adult who came to live in the beautiful bay area and started watching so many people bike the trails I wanted to learn as well. The urge and motivation peaked since my little girl is about the age to start biking and I wanted to ride along with her. I landed on John's site by chance when browsing for kid bikes. I scheduled my 2 hr session in San Mateo today.

John is fantastic. I could balance and pedal within 2 hours! He is very patient and professional and would adjust the bike based on my style and what I was having trouble with.  He provided instructions right from how to climb on the bike elegantly to how to walk a bike. I wish I had known about him 10 years back. Anyways better late than never. THANK YOU John!
Michele S.
John was excellent.  He was very patient and clear in his instructions, as well as providing helpful techniques to commit to memory what was being learned.

I scheduled a surprise lesson for my boyfriend (he's 28), and even though he'd never successfully ridden a bike before, was catching on a coasting down the paved playground within an hour.   John made the scheduling easy, and was able to accommodate our request in less than 2 weeks.

I'd fully recommend going to John for a riding lesson!  Thanks John!
Camille G.
I promised to create a yelp account should I learn to ride a bike - because after years of frustrating, painful failures - I was certain I would not make it. Well, the words bike whisperer come to mind. Not only did I learn, but I had so much fun and confidence by the end of my lesson that i rented a bike the next day to ride through GGP. I am not a "natural" at anything, especially athletics, so believe me when i say that I truly believe John can teach ANYONE how to ride a bike. What he does is a gift to those of us who never learned. He is a really good teacher, professional, supportive, and gets legitimately excited as you progress in your lesson!  As a bonus, he took a video of me (at my request) and followed through with sending it on the same day so i could share the proof with my family. Considering that my life will be so much more complete now, I really don't know how to thank him, except to buy lessons for friends and give him this stellar review.

His rates are great for a private lesson. Even if it seems pricey to you, please know that what you get out of it is priceless.
R C.
My 2 sons - 10 and 6 years old - had not learned to ride bikes without training wheels mainly because mom does not know to bike and dad does not have the patience, so neither of us were of much help in teaching them.

The kids kept asking to go biking. So I started searching the internet for bicycling classes and found the rave reviews about John and Bicycle Solutions.  I am happy to say that every single praise/comment is well-deserved.

First off, we purchased a couple of good bikes (trek) for the boys. Then I booked classes for both of them to learn from John.  It was very easy to schedule the lessons online.

We went over to the Palo Alto school location with helmet and bike. John had a couple of kid-sized bikes of his own too, just in case we did not have ours. He had all the necessary tools to adjust the bikes to fit the kids exactly.

He was very patient and skilled at getting them to learn and within an hour to 90 minutes had both my kids riding their bikes confidently! I could not believe my eyes that my 2 kids went from scared of riding to riding happily in such a short time and with zero falls or boo-boos! My kids are delighted and proud of themselves.

John encouraged me to sign up for lessons for myself as well. I am not sure how soon I will do it, but I am giving it a serious thought.

Call John if you want to learn to ride a bike at any age!
Kathi K.
AMAZING - We waited too long and our 7 year old girl was scared of learning to ride. I made an appointment with John and showed her a video of another little kid learning using John's method.

We went and she was up and riding incredibly quickly. John was the perfect balance between not pushing too much too quickly - yet getting her to do more and more just within an hour!

John was really easy to schedule using the on-line system, prompt at the lesson and incredibly knowledgeable about teaching and bikes in general. He gave me some tips on how to fit the bike to her as she learned and then as she progressed.

The best compliment to John is my girl asked when we were going back to John because she really liked how he taught (coming from a child who is not quick to warm up!)

Thanks John for building such confidence in her!!
Surinda T.
We live in a fairly urban area and just never quite got enough bike time for our 3 kids to learn to ride bikes without training wheels. Then we had a long period without much riding at which point the kids were keen to learn but a little self conscious and easily frustrated. We decided to hire a pro and we're thrilled with the kind and flexible expert we found: John! We decided to have all three work with him in the first 2-hour lesson so that they could get started and all make progress. By the end of that group session they were gliding and one had started to pedal.

We scheduled a second session the following week and that time each kid had 1:1 dedicated time with John. In that session, each of my kids "got" riding and was riding around with a huge smile! (And I'd definitely recommend 1:1--just easier for all).

John was really quite amazing! He was so kind, patient and willing to work with each kid based on their unique personalities and learning styles. They listened to him and he tried a different approach if the first way wasn't resonating until they each got it. We are so grateful and now have an activity we can do together without all the stress!

My 10 year-old daughter said that when she is a mother she will ask John to teach her kids to ride and my younger daughter said it was a shame he wasn't one of our close friends who we see all the time because she'll miss him! Our son is just happy to be riding and appreciated John's supportive style. As others have said--great value for money and thank you John!
ricka b.
We hired john to teach our twin six year old grandsons how to ride. Until then, they had been scared and were unwilling to try. He made the environment so safe and positive for the boys that they learned to glide well after two sesions. His instructions were exactly what the boys needed to hear and a few weeks later, they are pedalling on their bikes.
Hie is the best instructor!
Fred A.
It's been a lifelong dream to learn how to ride a bike. An ex tried to teach me using his skateboard to guide me. I tried to teach myself in Thailand in the driveway of the hotel we were staying at. Everyone bikes around everywhere there. It seemed so natural, so easy. I tried for hours, but I just couldn't get it to balance. The woman told me I had no balance.

Fast forward two years later. Summer in SF. I go for a run in Golden Gate Park and am overcome with jealousy for the bikers who glide past. I go online, find John. Just had a two hour lesson, but I was pedaling within an hour. All it involved was breaking down the process. Biking is hard initially because you're learning how to doing things at once. Activate your core, stand straight, start, stop, balance, pedal. The way John breaks it down it's a transition so organic you can barely believe it. I'm still in a bit I'd a daze. I did it, and I didn't fall once. Actually, I fell, but not while biking. I fell while walking the bike too fast to the top of the lot so I could bike again.

I cannot recommend John enough. I'm a teacher too, of a different kind, and I can say without a doubt that he has the best qualities that a teacher can have: patience, perception, an ability to diagnose what you're doing wrong and a tried and tested pedagogy. I don't think I've ever spent a better $120 in my life.
Sarah H.
John is an excellent instructor! I highly recommend him regardless of what your skill level is. I learned a couple years back but I was only able to pedal forward. I left the lesson being able to stop, turn, and more. I can ride with confidence now. John is great at explaining things and very patient.
Jacob B.
John was great.  Very helpful.  Very patient.  Very low stress.
aaron a.
As a kid my parents attempted to teach me to ride a bike but it never happened, then years and years went by.  I attempted to teach myself a few times.  Boyfriends, roommates, co workers attempted and all failed.  Less than half way through our 2 hour lesson I was able to ride a bike!  Do I need more experience on a bike before I feel confident enough to tackle riding to and from work? Yes.  Do I fall over the second I get on a bike now? No.  John was a great instructor and really helped me get over my fears that I wouldn't ever be able to ride a bike.  I would suggest if you do want to learn and want a one on one lesson he's your man.
Adam H.
Last year we were able to teach one of our twin daughters how to ride, but our other (more stubborn) one simply would not follow our directions. So this year, with dreams of weekend family bike rides in our heads, we decided to call John.

He was professional, patient and informative, and our daughter instantly took to him. WITHIN 45 MINUTES she was gleefully pedaling away screaming "I did it!" as the top of her lungs. When I asked her afterwards how it felt, she said "it was like flying!"

If you or anyone you know wants to learn how to ride a bike, call John. He is amazing!
Barbara S.
As a child and young adult I loved to ride a bicycle. Yet as an older person I stopped riding my bike, but thought I could take up where I left off once I retired. To my surprise I discovered that I no longer had the confidence nor the skill to ride my bike comfortably.  Recently I was given a Flyer for Bicycle Solutions which seemed to be an answer to my prayers. I enrolled in the beginning class with John and was able to learn how to mount a bicycle safely. We reviewed how to kick off. From there we reviewed braking, and shifting. Before long I was gliding and riding comfortably around the school yard, making turns and figure eights.

Whether you are a beginner or reviewing your skills, John Ciccarelli can help you build you confidence and take you though each skill so that you feel empowered and safe. John is a gifted instructor. He is patient, and very knowledgeable. He is a good communicator and is able to understand your problems and give good feedback.
Andrew S.
This is a long time coming, but mostly because I forgot.  John is awesome and have teaching riding lessons down to a science.  I now bike to work every day and it was all because of John.  Best money I ever spent.
Sofia S.
Amazing! I learned to ride a bike as an adult. I used to say I will learn to ride a bike if it's the last thing I do and it's such a thrill to have accomplished this long overdue goal. Awesome feeling! I tried a few times over the years without success but John helped me do it in less than 4 hours. He had me balancing and gliding after 4 attempts and it did not take long to put the pedals on. The first time I made it across the lot pedaling he clapped and came over to congratulate me and welcome me to the bike riding fellowship.  

I loved his teaching style. He explained things incrementally adding technical information and tips needed to accomplish the next skill using mini lectures and demonstrations. He watches your every move knowing what you are going to do and what bind (I'm good at that) you are about to get yourself into before you do it and calls out instructions to help you along.

Well worth the money. I signed up for two 2-hour sessions but  when we finished our second session early he did not charge for the whole 2 hours. On top of that, he took extra time to take me to a local bike shop and show me the different options available.

John is very knowledgeable, professional, polite, easy going,  and puts you completely at ease. I can't say enough of how pleased I am. You cannot go wrong choosing to learn with John.
B. Y.
It was on my before-40 bucket list to learn how to ride a bike, and after 3 hours with John, I'm on my way!!!  After a failed attempt to have my husband teach me (what a mistake for a marriage), I decided to have a pro have a go - and it was totally worth the $60/hour fee.  

John is patient and great at explaining how to do things in a way that gets through.  He is also very observant and able to figure out what you're doing wrong and more importantly, how to explain to you how to fix it, while not making you feel like an idiot.  For example, at first I was a total Zoolander and couldn't make right turns.  I had scenes of panic in my head of never being able to turn to the right; after just a simple explanation from John,  I was making right turns with ease.  

He was incredible!!
C C.
I'm an adult who has not been on a bicycle for nearly 30 years.  I started looking for private instruction to learn to ride, and came across John's info online.  I happened to mention this to a friend of mine, and my friend had wonderful things to say about an urban riding class that John taught.  My friend said that he uses the skills John taught him every time he's on his bike.  So, I signed up for my lesson.

I was very nervous and scared of falling, but John's coaching made the learning experience fun and easy.  His progressive approach taught me how to ride in phases, progressing to successive phases only when I was ready.  He taught me the proper form for starting, stopping, turning, etc., which really helped with my stability.  I didn't fall even once!  John also provided great advice for the right type of bike for my needs and I'm now shopping for my first bike in nearly 30 years!  I couldn't be more excited with my new found abilities!  

I highly encourage anyone wanting to learn new riding skills (whether beginner or more advanced) to give John's coaching a try.  It really is worth every penny and you'll be so happy you did!
Shakhina P.
John is a genius! Really, John has figured out a method of teaching adults that works flawlessly while being fun and delightful at the same time. His passion for cycling really came through in his teaching, and his gradual step-by-step approach combined with his thorough explanations about how the bike works, how the body works and how to use the bike as an extension of the body were extremely helpful.

I had my 2 hour lesson in Palo Alto at the parking lot of an elementary school and the location was very convenient. I also loved that he has an online scheduling system and automated email reminders before the lesson.

During the lesson John also offered great suggestions on what kinds of bikes would suit me the best, the additional gears and accessories I would need, and the price ranges to expect for each.

Now I wish John gave snowboarding lessons too!
Ben G.
I'm a 27 year old man who never learned to ride a bike as a kid. My only experience before meeting with John was a wobbly crash-course administered by two of my friends at Burning Man. While that was a wonderful experience, riding in San Francisco is very different from trundling aimlessly about in Deep Playa. I was terrible at starting, and couldn't turn sharply without falling over sideways. I needed a professional.

John is a very good teacher, and like all the best teachers I've had, he tailors his lesson plan to the needs of the student. Since I wasn't exactly starting from scratch, but had never built an understanding of the fundamentals, he started by teaching me proper body position, then starting, then stopping, then turning. Each of these things built upon the last in a way that felt totally natural. Once I could track a straight line and turn reliably, he taught me how to turn my head without breaking the line.

I had booked a two-hour session, but we were done with the introductory lesson in an hour and fifteen minutes, including an introduction to bike maintenance. An hour and fifteen minutes to learn something I've been waiting 20+ years to learn. At $60 an hour, it would be a bargain at twice the price.

People will tell you that you can't learn to ride a bike as an adult. I've certainly heard that a lot, and it made the whole process seem intimidating. John makes it seem easy and natural, as it should be.
Armita E.
John is an amazing instructor, he not only has unlimited patience and encouraging words, but a step-by-step technique that makes the impossible dream of learning to ride a bicycle at any age, a reality. John is definitely the Zen master of bicycling :)
Miz Ella P.
John is the Zen master of bicycling teachers for newbies or "re-entry" cyclists of all ages.  Nothing fazes him, nothing makes him lose focus on helping you build habits that will make you a safe and happy bicycle rider.  

I arrived early at my appointment and got to watch John work with a young lady of about 6 or 7.  Despite the fact that her mom was there and her older sister was riding donuts around the parking lot, she was completely in the moment, listening carefully to John as he honed in on getting her to lift those feet up off the pavement.  I've watched lots of teachers, good and bad, in my time--and just as you can tell a good string player (even with the sound turned off) by the way the bow arm moves, body language between teacher and student really tells it all.

So notwithstanding that most of my bike-riding experience in the past 25 years has mostly been--nervously and barely competently--on rentals, I knew John could help me, and he did.  We started with braking, turning, and shifting, progressed to hand signals, and even got a taste of "level three" work with a lesson on how to communicate to a car on your left that you are coming over.  Please.  Thank you.

Now I am chomping at the bit to buy that beautiful machine I've had my eye on at the LBS around the corner from work.  And John helped me believe that I can ride it home.
Keia C.
I learned to ride a bike for the first time over 20 years ago and hadn't ridden a bike since.  I wanted to learn again at 30, and John was the perfect teacher.  If you are at all anxious or nervous like I was, there is no reason to be.  John first makes sure that you are comfortable with all of the bicycle basics at the beginning of the lesson.  His systematic approach was very effective.  I was pedaling around the parking lot in less than one hour.  That left plenty of time for John to teach me other bicycling techniques.  Most importantly, John was extremely patient and helped me maintain my confidence.  I would definitely recommend John to a friend and take another bicycling lesson from him.
Sarah W.
I learned about John on Yelp.  I am so glad I found him--I am riding a bike again! (I learned to ride a bike as child but hadn't ridden for about 20 years.)  John's curriculum is very precise.  He showed me how to master each small skill before moving on to the next, and offered tips, corrections, and improvements along the way.  I felt safe and comfortable the whole time, and it was fun.  By the end of the two hour lesson, I was happily riding around the parking lot and today I went for a ride on a bike path with my family.  At the end of the lesson John told me which skills to work on next and directed me to many (free) resources in the East Bay.  I couldn't recommend John more highly.
Chelsea L.
I had tried several times since my teenage years to try and learn to bike ride. I was very fearful and skeptical that I would ever be able to do this very necessary life skill. I had thought about attending public lessons and getting private instructors very seriously in the last few years, but never seemed to get around to it.

After starting work and realizing how much more productive I could be if I could ride from building to building on my office campus (and moving to San Francisco and seeing how many activities included bike rides), I quickly decided it was time to give it a go. I found John through some research on Google, read several reviews, and signed up for a lesson as soon as I could.

My lesson with John greatly surpassed my expectations. His instruction was clear, simple, straightforward, and he was patient, knowledgable and encouraging as well. Within 30-45 minutes I was up and riding on my own like I never had before. It was such an awesome feeling and I am very motivated to keep learning, improving and riding more. I will definitely be practicing in the next few weeks, and hope to take another lesson with John soon.

Thank you for all of your help, it was invaluable and I am so grateful!
neil r.
A friend recommended John to me for teaching my 12 year old son to ride.  Within 30 minutes, my boy was happily sailing around and his first comment after the lesson was "That was fun!"  John was patient, knew easy ways to present the needed information, starting from how to get on a bike and building from there.  He also spent time on safety, looking at fit of my son's bike and advice for where to go to advance from here.  Absolutely worth every penny.
Cristian U.
As a person who has never tried to ride the bike before I was a little bit shy about just jumping on one and give it a go regardless of what my knees would think. Therefore I have searched over the internet for adult bicycle courses and I had run into Bicycle Solutions on Yelp; the reviews were really giving a good image of the classes and I decided to give it a try.

All the reviews that say "Great!" are true. John does not only have good pedagogical skills but also a great sense of observation.
To start with the beginning - he is very calm and is giving you the trust that you need to build to start using the bike. All the details that you need are presented and if you think you have anything to ask more he is there for you. Even though you might think that this is just theoretical stuff - it is
really useful and helps you get on the bike and use like you want it.

Coming to the actual riding the bike, John is extremely helpful not only in telling you what and how to do it but also he is paying attention to all the necessary details - he gradually adjusted the training bike so that all that I have accomplished through the class could be better applied - this is also useful as you are starting to know the bike and also what will suit you when you will be owning your own bike.

It took us - John and me - 1 hour and 15 minutes to have me ride the bike at a level that would encourage me to practice more in a more confident manner (and I had started from scratch)

Great experience!
Pavarti B.
I've been riding bike since I was 6 however, not as a means of transportation and certainly not in the city streets.  Riding on the beaches and broadwalks of Florida is no comparison to the San Francisco streets!

I was hesitant and anxious at the prospect of riding in/with vehicular traffic, not to  mention all the apprehension I experienced from people when I informed them of my intention.  I have to say deciding to take this course with John has been one of the best decisions I've made so far.  

John is very accomodating, very patient, detailed, and knowledgeable.  Initially he set up my bike to fit like a glove, some tuning here and there and my bike and I became one.  He initially tells you what and how things need to be done properly, then he shows you, shows you again, and then you show him.  Inclusively, he also tells you and sometimes shows you what happens if a maneuver is done wrong.  And this process is repeated until both the rider and John are comfortable with the end result. He also instructs you on the laws and regulations of cycling in San Francisco.  Many of which I was clueless about and some of which I've never witnessed cyclers following.

I felt secure, confident, and more comfortable after my class.  I have ridden in the streets a few times after that and I can always hear John's voice reminding me what to do and reminding me to "own the road".

Surprisingly, taking the cycling class has made me a better automobile driver as well!

Highly recommended, in fact I think that everybody and anybody who intends on riding a bicylce on the streets should take this class.  It would make the streets much safer for cyclers, vehicle drivers and pedestrians as well.
Michelle K.
John is an absolutely awesome individual and a perfect instructor!  He is patient, kind & is very knowledgable!  I felt at ease right away.  I had to relearn how to ride a bike after not riding one for after about 30 years.  I wasn't doing well at all trying to teach myself how to ride again.  I was falling down even.  Without him, I know I would have given up!  He met me at an empty college parking lot & I rode there.  He started by first taking off the pedals, then puts one back on & then the other.  Because I was at ease with him, I was able to follow each step & ride with ease once the pedals were both on.  I plan on taking another lesson so that I can become confident riding on the street & bike paths.  I'm so happy I can ride a bike again!
F E.
I actually learned to ride a bike as a child, but have rarely ridden for the last 12 years. I wanted to start riding again, but found I was rusty and my poor skills made me anxious. I used to love my bike, but now found myself too scared to ride and frightened by even light traffic.

I called John and found him to be patient, a great listener, and really empowering. I met him in a big parking lot by the Caltrain with my helmet and my bike. We ended up using his great Giant student bike. I discovered my old bike was really a bit too large for me.

He adjusted his student bike and within 10 minutes I was riding carefree with zero anxiety. No fear whatsoever. He totally gave me back the joy of riding.

In one lesson he taught improved, efficient starting methods, precision stopping, side scanning for traffic, hand signaling, and improved turning. His amazingly clear instructions allow you to be immediately successful and offer self-confidence. John is one of the best teachers of anything I've ever had.

After an hour with John, you should plan to spend a couple of weeks diligently and regularly practicing his drills on your own. Then go back for the second lesson.

Highly recommended for the returning adult rider, the just-learning adult rider, and children. The days of just falling over until you learn are long gone - John's modern teaching methods are incredibly safe and quick. Worth every dime of his reasonable fee - less than a private yoga lesson.

Reviews from (2008-2011)

TeachStreet was a Teachers / Students / Reviews marketplace that launched in 2008 and closed in 2012.
TeachStreet student
Such a great experience ! The Bay Area is truly lucky to have such a competent bicycle instructor. He's remarkably patient and caring. I thoroughly enjoyed his class and my riding skills have improved tremendously.
TeachStreet student
quick basics Enjoyed the class... johns a great teacher
TeachStreet student
Great Instructor I took two private lessons from John. He was an amazing instructor. He was very patient and taught step by step making the learning experience easy and enjoyable. I strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to bicycle.
TeachStreet student
Bike Riding Considering I haven't been on a bike in years John's teaching methods really put me at ease. He broke down the learning process for me really well and clarified all of my questions. He's very observant and offered suggestions to me that really helped out. I would recommend him to others.
TeachStreet student
I learned how to ride a bike! As an adult learning how to ride I was nervous and anxious by the process and discouraged after several other failed attempts over the years. With John‰Ûªs clear instructions and step-by-step method I learned how to balance on a bike and get the basic skills in just a few hours. Now that I am confident enough to ride a bike I will take some time to practice on my own. John is a fabulous instructor. If you have always wanted to learn how to ride a bike or if you want to get more confident with riding I'd really recommend working with John.
TeachStreet student
Highly Recommended I recently relocated back to California and was inspired by the weather to buy a bike. Unfortunately, I had never been comfortable on a bike even as a kid and was even less so after not having ridden for years. I could pedal and remain balanced for short intervals, but I couldn't make turns or stop and start consistently. After my attempt at teaching myself ended with my crashing into a gate, I realized I needed some sort of instruction. I came upon John's info on a discussion on how to learn to ride as an adult. I was able to book an appointment quickly and easily. 15 minutes into the lesson, I could stop and start. After the full 75 minutes, I could make turns, shift gears, and look behind me while riding. I feel comfortable on the bike and in control of it. I have been able to begin to enjoy the local bike paths, and hopefully with practice will be able to ride on the street. If you want to ride a bike, but for whatever reason never really learned how (or never learned at all), I would highly recommend a lesson or two with John. You will gain a knowledge of the fundamentals of cycling, and the confidence to progress further.
TeachStreet student
Absolutely wonderful for an adult learner John was a great instructor, working through precisely the right sequence of skills and having me repeat until I was really confident with them before moving on. Excellent at identifying corrective actions, as well as anticipating questions and cooncerns. I went from non-biker to biker in 90 minutes, and owe it all to John. (I'm a 51-year-old female who didn't learn to bike as a kid, so started from zero.)
TeachStreet student
Learned how to ride a bike after 2 hours! At 25 years of age, I had never learned how to ride a bike. After a single 2 hour course with John, I was riding and was pretty confident! I'm still a little bit wobbly, but I was able to bike through Central Park after this course! I would definitely recommend John to anyone - he is very patient! I didn't expect to learn so quickly!
TeachStreet student
Easy, comfortable, informative experience John has got learning to ride a bike down to a T. Every little step he has you go through leads perfectly to the finish of riding a bike. I walked into his class almost a nervous wreck and walked out confident and with hardly a scratch on me (I accidentally hit my leg against a pedal, any injuries were purely my clumsiness. haha). I would recommend John's class to anyone, young and old. He makes riding a bike seem like second nature and he's definitely supportive through out the whole process. Before going I read through all the comments on his page and tentatively decided to sign up. It was one of the best decisions I've made.
John is an amazing instructor Today was my first lesson with John. I tried couple times to learn how to ride a bike and ended up giving up. Today I learned how to ride a bike in 1 hour. John is such a great insructor, he guide me through each step with patience. I highly recommend him as an instructor.
Chandre Singhal
Great for Beginners John is an excellent instructor. I rode a bike as a child, but haven't ridden for a very long time. He was patient, walked me thru each step, took his time and let me take my time to get comfortable. I was simply amazed that after 45 minutes I was up on the bike pedaling around!
Zee Syed
John WILL teach you how to ride a bike! After trying to learn to ride a bicycle as an adult for several years, I was skeptical about eliciting the services of a professional. When I emailed John he was polite, courteous and responsive. I specifically asked him if he had helped adults learn to ride who had never ridden as children and he said that a majority of his clients were adults with no bicycling skills. I was curious enough to give John a try and I was not disappointed. John's technique is deliberate and thorough, he builds upon each step so seamlessly that you don't even realize you've started peddling! It took only one lesson with John for me to start riding a bicycle. During our second lesson, John went over basic road skills. I am extremely satisfied with the results. I'd highly recommend John to anyone who has always wanted to ride a bicycle but was afraid to learn as an adult. I'd also recommend John to anyone trying to incorporate a bicycle within their daily commute, i.e. riding with traffic etc.
TeachStreet student
Talented Biking Coach I found John on teachstreet after doing a random online search hoping to find someone locally to help me feel more comfortable biking. I had taught myself the hard way when I was 16 - getting lots of bumps and bruises. It's been many years since I was on a bike and I specifically wanted help with correct techniques for things like stop/starts and use of the gears. I got a whole lot more out of my 1 hour clinic with John. He was able to identify configuration problems with my bike which he quickly adjusted along with showing me proper techniques, when and how to use the gear adjustments, but most importantly he got me off to a good start for the summer season where I plan to do a lot of biking with my family. Thanks so much John!
Sallo Farah
GREAT EXPERIENCE John Ciccarelli is a such great coach, he is very patient and he knows what he is doing. i am sure you will not be disappointed if you take John`s lesson. he is very experienced, he got a great quality of coaching. i was very pleased with the way John taught me. i will recommand John C. GREAT COACH!!! PATEINT! HELPFUL!!
TeachStreet student
Lifechanging! Growing up on the concrete streets of NYC, I never managed to learn to ride a bike. I'm 31 and decided learning would be a wonderful gift for myself and a great surprise for my husband who is an avid cyclist. I have all positive things to say about John. He was responsive and professional over email and his rates are very reasonable. He is willing to travel around the bay area to a spot that is convenient for the learner. As for the lesson itself, I was riding within 45 minutes, and learning how to turn within in 90 minutes! John is a very gifted teacher and knows exactly what to break down for learners. I never felt discouraged during our lesson. John's gentle, calm and knowledegable demeanor helped me to let go of my fear and take some risks that really paid off. I liked that he helped me to pace my learning and weave everything together. He kept me focused on building on what I was learning, and not get stuck or complacent in any one particular skill. He also provided me with excellent advice and directions about next steps after our lesson, i.e. what I should practice, where I could rent/purchase a bike. He also took time to show me everything I would need to know about the bicycle itself. I highly recommend his services for people of any age. I plan to take lessons with him in the future to solidify my skills, especially when I feel ready to start riding around the city (as opposed to just the park or bike paths). The lesson turned out to be a little too long for me, which really had to do more with my stamina after a long week of work. But he was very gracious about ending early and discounting the fee. Thanks so much John!
Karen Keller
Perfect Bicycle Instructor for my 10 year old son!
TeachStreet student
Perfect for Beginners I never learned how to ride a bike as a child. John's coaching is really helpful and his is excellent teacher. At first he explained to me what to do and how to do it. And he always demostrated first and let me know what to expect. Then I just followed his instruction step by step. I will refer him to my friends who need bicycling lessons.
TeachStreet student
Wonderful experience! I actually had John Ciccarelli travel long distance to teach me how to bike! I could not find anyone nearby and I wanted to learn to bike the correct way, so I had John come out to give me lessons. It was well worth it! I learned how to bike within about 3 hours and then continued to hone my skills with John's assistance. I now feel confident on a bicycle and can ride on bike trails, small streets, and around my neighborhood. I am looking forward to biking with my family for years to come, thanks to John!
Rebecca Phillips
Best thing I've ever done. I did two lessons with John about a year ago, and I can't believe it has taken me this long to write a review. At the age of 27, I still had never learned how to ride a bike. John was able to provide a bike for the lessons, since I didn't have one yet. He was patient, encouraging, never patronizing, and he seemed to have a good grasp on the hangups that adults have that make it so much harder for them to learn, and how to handle them. Those 2 lessons provided me with an excellent foundation so that I could go out and practice on my own. I'm sure that if I had not had that foundation, I wouldn't have the rate of improvement that I've been experiencing. I now ride pretty regularly to get around town. And for those that suggest the lessons are too expensive: If you're an adult and you've never learned how to ride, $60/hr with someone who knows what they are talking about is a steal. It's such a valuable skill, and the amount of progress you'll make in 2 hours with John is more than you can make on your own in a day, two days, even a week. I'm hoping this summer I can find room in my budget to have another lesson to target some of my trouble spots, but right now, I'm just happy I'm riding! Many thanks to John!
TeachStreet student
The perfect teacher for the beginners At age of 62 I have never learned to ride a bike before and always wanted to learn but couldn't find a good teacher. Found John on the internet with lots of good comments. John is so patient and he explained the basic of bicycle such as the brakes, the handling etc.before I get on the bike. John's method is excellent. First of all, he taught me just to glide and get a feeling of balance. After feeling comfortable with gliding, he taught me how to balance with one foot and then two on the pedals. Finally he show me how to start pedaling. I have no problem handling it. From knowing nothing to start pedaling without falling took me two and a half hours. I can't believe it!.
TeachStreet student
Perfect for Beginners I took this class with some apprehensions - I was on a holiday. I didn't want to fall & break a bone. I was told (back in my country) that it would take me a long time to learn (and many bruises). Also, I had just about 2 hours to spare. I thought it was a difficult demand to be taught in 2 hours! 1. John made me feel most comfortable on a bicycle (I was somewhat afraid to sit on it before I met him) 2. I was balancing within half hour I think. He is so methodical. I think that's a better way to learn than being self-taught. He gives you useful technique tips. 3. John's instructions were so clear. It seemed he almost knew my next possibly faulty move and could instruct me (standing at a distance) to think differently and to manage my posture differently in an effort to change my move. It worked 100% of the times. 4. I was doing the figure 8 within an hour. 5. I learnt to bicycle without a single fall within 2 hours. 6. I enjoyed the experience thoroughly at every stage of learning. If I am back in the Bay Area, I would like to sign up for his group lessons for street biking. Thank you John.
It takes three to tandem Over the years, my wife lost her confidence and our single bike riding came to an end. On the calculation that a tandem would solve the problem, we bought a fine bike, and now our first priority was to restore her motivation. John was a godsend. On our Ride-Along Coaching session, his patience, attention, compassion, and evident skill in communicating all won her over in no time. After just ninety minutes, she was astonished to find herself entirely comfortable with our claiming the lane on a street she was sure we'd want to avoid. She is jazzed, we're both deeply impassioned about our new commitment, and John gets boundless credit for the transformation. Five stars are not enough!
Cathryn Olson
Well worth the cost I want to complete a triathlon, but there's one little problem...I never learned to ride a bike as a kid. Well, I learned more in two hours with John than I did in weeks of trying to learn to ride on my own and with friends. When we started, I was doubting my ability to balance on two wheels. By the end of the lesson, I was riding around the schoolyard and starting to relax and have fun with it. It was well worth the cost. After more practice, I plan to return for another lesson with John on more advanced skills.
TeachStreet student
I can finally ride a bike! John was an amazing teacher. He is incredibly patient and passionate about what he does. I never learned how to ride a bike as a child. I tried to learn on my own and with the help of friends as I grew up, but I was unable to catch on. Finally, at age 30, I did a Google search and found John. I made an appointment and learned how to ride a bike in under 2 hours! It's such a wonderful feeling to know that with practice, I'll be able to go for rides in the park with my friends instead of feeling embarrassed that I don't know how. John's method of teaching is great because he takes things one step at a time. It eliminates the fear of falling. I can't recommend John strongly enough. It is well worth your time and money, I promise you!
You CAN Ride a Bicycle at Any Age I've always wanted to ride a bike with confidence. I did learn how to ride when I was very young but never went beyond that and I pretty much convinced myself that at 52 years old it was too late for me to learn. I spent an hour with John and got over my fears. He is a patient, caring instructor who clearly loves to cycle and knows how to teach beginners. I learned a lot from him. Whether you are really a beginner or are just getting back into cycling, John will work with you and get you riding. I highly recommend him!
TeachStreet student
Helpful lesson I could gain confidence to ride a bike by the lesson. Thank you very much!
TeachStreet student
Perfect for Beginner It was great for beginner as well for those do not know how to communicate with other driver or bike rider.
TeachStreet student
Nailing My Issues! Within just a few moments of listening to me describe my 'falling' issues, and observing how I handled my new road bike, John nailed what I was doing wrong and took me, one step at a time, through some new techniques that completely overcame my biggest fears. I would never have guessed what to do to keep me balanced properly on my own, but the way John showed (and demonstrated) correct techniques, made a huge difference. I'm more confident than I've been since falling on each of my last three bike rides! He is excellent!
TeachStreet student
Learned to ride at 31! At age 31, I decided to finally learn how to ride a bike. It had been a week and a half that I had been trying to learn with my cousin and one day she did a search on the internet for "how to teach an adult to ride a bike." We found John's website and read numerous reviews but thought it was an impossible feat to teach an adult in 2 hours considering I had been trying for an hour a day for the last 2 weeks. I contacted John and was able to schedule a lesson with him within a few days. We met at an Elementary school and at first, it was a little intimidating considering there were still a few students and parents around the courtyard but I thought to conquer this fear of bicycling, what better motivation then in an elementary school with students riding around me! John made me feel at ease with every step and every progression. He provided the motivation I needed and went at a pace I was comfortable with. I felt confident that I was going to learn in the 2 hours and I did! He had me pedaling within the first hour and the second hour was spent learning how to turn and also being comfortable with the gear changes. It took me 31 years and only 2 hours with John to learn how to ride a bike. I'm still a beginner but with more practice, I'm sure I'll be pedaling comfortably in no time!
TeachStreet student
Don't Wait a Moment Longer - Highly Recommended I actually learned to ride a bike as a child, but have rarely ridden for the last 12 years. I wanted to start riding again, but found I was rusty and my poor skills made me anxious. I used to love my bike, but now found myself too scared to ride and frightened by even light traffic. I called John and found him to be patient, a great listener, and really empowering. I met him in a big parking lot by the Caltrain with my helmet and my bike. We ended up using his great Giant student bike. I discovered my old bike was really a bit too large for me. He adjusted his student bike and within 10 minutes I was riding carefree with zero anxiety. No fear whatsoever. He totally gave me back the joy of riding. In one lesson he taught improved, efficient starting methods, precision stopping, side scanning for traffic, hand signaling, and improved turning. His amazingly clear instructions allow you to be immediately successful and instill self-confidence. John is one of the best teachers of anything I've ever had. After an hour with John, you should plan to spend a couple of weeks diligently and regularly practicing his drills on your own. Then go back for the second lesson. Highly recommended for the returning adult rider, the just-learning adult rider, and children. The days of just falling over until you learn are long gone - John's modern teaching methods are incredible. Worth every dime of his reasonable fee - less than a private yoga lesson.
Such a Great Coach John was fabulous. I didn't think that my son would be receptive to his teaching, but little did I know. I was desperate and needed someone to help teach my son how to ride a bike. I tried it myself, and what a disaster that was. I found John on the internet and decided to give him a try. He taught my 10 year old not only to ride, but he did it in 30 minutes. My son still talks about him all the time, and has asked if he could see him again so he can teach him how to do "pop a wheelies". Thanks John. Sincerely, Denise
TeachStreet student
Very effective Simply put, I used to not know how to ride a bicycle. Now, I'm just really bad at it. :) Great lesson. Highly recommend.
John's Great We decided to find a bike teacher for our 7 year old son. He has had the skills for a while to ride a bike, but after trying to teach him ourselves, we realized that this is one skill that required a teacher, that the parent vibe was not helping. We found John by networking with a Sports Basement manager. John replied to our email inquiry promptly and was open to working us in to his schedule as soon as possible. The lesson went great. John has a pleasant, straightforward approach and tone that encouraged focus by our son. John kept the process simple, imparting only the information and steps necessary to get our son gliding at first, then pedaling. Within an hour, our son was riding. Our son has the knowledge and confidence to remember and practice the basic steps of getting going, riding along, and stopping. We would highly recommend John to anyone wanting to learn to ride.
Cora Woo
I wish I had known about this class earlier! I was first skeptical about the class in a couple ways: I've tried to learn how to bike a few times myself and with my husband without success; and honestly $60/hr is not exactly cheap; Trust me, the couple hundred dollars in exchange for a great experience and the road to health and fun is WELL WORTH IT (plus saving my marriage and the environment). John is great with his teaching strategy and he is very good at observing your weakness and pointing out how to correct it. And, he got me on the bike riding in 3 hrs! I can tell John is truly an advocate for getting more people riding and he shows his enthusiasm thru his eagerness to teach.
Francis Dreher
Amazing -- on two wheels in less than an hour My daughter (Anna, age 6) has been riding her bike with training wheels for a while. We would try taking them off but she could not seem to balance. Also, I must admit, I am an overprotective parent. I would run along beside her -- holding her up -- but the second that I let go she would begin to tip and I would grab the bike. She was beginning to feel like she would never learn. And then we found John. We emailed back and forth and set up a date to teach Anna. We met him at a local school yard. He was wonderful with Anna and she was able to ride her bike in less than an hour. I have taken her riding a number of times since then and she is getting more and more confident. After a particularly long and complicated ride (many turns) she came back to me and asked, "When am I going to have another lesson with my teacher, John?" I replied, "Soon." She is proud that she is able to ride her bike. I was relieved that she never fell once in her lesson with John. And -- John is an amazing teacher.
Fe Severin
Perfect Teacher It's not easy to find the perfect instrutor who has what it takes. I liken my experience to learning how to walk. He starts with the basics, and gives you the tools to practice with caution. It's hard to learn cycling as an adult but I never felt rushed, intimidated, or inadequate. He observes your technique closely, listens to your feedback, and comes up with ways that builds your confidence and motivates you to push through your fears. He consistently provides a great environment where you feel at ease so you can just focus on learning. He is, without a doubt, the best teacher you could ever find, regardless of your age or what level you are in.
TeachStreet student
It Worked! For anyone reading this, I cannot more strongly advise you to give John a try. For most of my adolescent and adult life I had written off the idea of learning how to ride a bike. I had resigned myself to the fact that it was something that simply was not possible for me. I really had. When I decided to call John I wasn't quite convinced that it would be possible for me to learn. I am 33 years old, losing weight, but still well over 300 pounds, and had no confidence in my ability to learn. I decided to give John a try. I made very clear my fears and gave him my trust. His process, wisdom, adaptability, encouraging nature, persistence, skill, knowledge and experience combined together with my desire and effort and patience and I learned how to ride a bike. It wasn't easy -- all good things shouldn't be too easy! -- but the steps themselves were easy. And for me that was important. I was able to say "I can do that" ... and after a series of steps, and it coming together, the "I can do thats" led to "I can ride a bike." Finally, I'll say this: riding a bike for me is far more than an activity that most children learn to do -- for me it was about breaking through and conquering something that I had written off ... something that I had said I would never be able to do. As I practice riding my bike now, I start thinking about other things I've written off and I've started challenging myself in new ways.
Biking in Central Park tomorrow... thanks to John! I live in NY but had trouble finding a bike instructor for adults in my area. I visit SF fairly often so I scheduled 2 sessions with John on one of my trips. He was very accommodating as he knew I was only in town for a few days. I was 27 and had never been on a bike before, but I could pedal after my first lesson! Very exciting. John is everything a teacher should be: patient, encouraging, fun, and passionate about what he does. He even found great biking resources in NY for me -- talk about going above and beyond! I cannot say enough good things about this experience.
I can ride to work!!!!! I live 3 miles away from my office - an easy commute by bike - only I was terrified!!!!! After one ride along coaching session with John I am able to ride my bike confidently to work. The session boosted my confidence. John met me at my home and we rode to work - he guided me the entire way - explaining how to be a safe and confident rider. I felt so confident that I rode home after work by myself!!!! A wonderfully patient instructor. If you want more confidence in riding your bike John is the instructor for you! I now ride to work 3 times a week - weather permitting!!!!
TeachStreet student
John could teach anyone how to ride... I too have tried unsuccessfully to learn to ride a bike. John is patient and observant, and he really puts you at ease. I was amazed at how comfortable I felt after just two lessons. Besides teaching you how to ride, John will give you tips about buying your first bike, not to mention where to find nifty accessories and whom to contact for additional lessons -- I live in NYC and he emailed me a list of bike shops and instructors in my area. If you never learned to ride a bike as a kid and are scared to death of trying it now, John is the teacher for you!
Up on bike in 2 hours! My 11 and 7 year old daughters could not ride a bike and were afraid of eevn trying. John's calm attitude and systematic teaching did wonders, and they both love it now. We'd still to take another class or two to make them completely comfortable, but I highly recommend John, who made it seems so easy, and the girls are very excited. Thank you!
TeachStreet student
Excellent teachers and methods! I gave up all hopes of learning to bike after taking many hours of classes from teachers in the East Caost. However, free lessons at the SF bike coalition sounded like a great deal so I signed up. I learned how to balance, paddle and turn within three hours. Then, I supplemented that with 1.5 hour of lessons from John. Now, I can bike. John and his co-teachers at the SF bike coalition work wonders. They are great teacher who love bicycling and have the patience and commitment to help others learn. I cannot be more grateful for their lessons and their proven methods.
TeachStreet student
perfect for beginners for some reason or another i never learned to ride a bike as a kid, so i finally got around to learning this past weekend and i couldn't have done it without john. his teaching methods are very effective and by the end of 2 hours i was able to pedal around the practice course. john is very patient, kind and creates a comfortable learning environment. if you're interested in learning how to ride a bike I highly recommend him!
Very Helpful and Encouraging Last January I crashed my bike trying to avoid an altercation with a taxi pulling away from the curb into a busy intersection, hit the pavement and broke my shoulder. Two surgeries and seven months of physical therapy later, I wanted to ride again but was scared and lacked confidence in my technique. I decided to get an assessment from John Ciccarelli, to see what I might be doing wrong and to learn how to correct those things. He was able to see how my braking habits might have contributed to my crash and offer specific, simple steps to improve them, and he made a few small adjustments to the position of my bike's saddle that made the bike feel much more stable and controllable. That one hour made a big difference!
Shabnam Sigman
Great teacher John has a good personality to teach adults how to learn bicycle handling skills. He is very patient and encouraging, and explains why things work the way they do (good for somewhat nervous people like myself who want to know all the details). I knew how to balance on a bike but was not that confident in my handling skills. John assessed my "level" before we started, which allowed us to tailor the session according to my needs. I would definitely recommend him for other adults.
TeachStreet student
Excelent bike instructor At my age, 54 years old, I was scared to learn to ride a bike. John was the perfect instructor to give me the confidence I needed. With his step by step system and positive reinforcement, I was able to learn to bike in a few lessons. I would recommend him to anybody.
TeachStreet student
INSPIRES CONFIDENCE Our experience in beginner lessons for my eleven year daughter was excellent! We found the instructor from the Bicycle Coalition's website, which also offers [group] beginner lessons - however, none were currently being offered and our needs were immediate. We had just been just informed that she would be cycling in Normandy during her two week exchange trip with her fifth grade class and had only ten days to accomplish the task. John was responsive, kind and flexible. We set up our first lesson on a weekday afternoon - and in less than thirty minutes she was up and cycling with both pedals! He has an amazing skill of inspiring confidence in his students and the smile on her face said it all. We set up a second lesson where she learned how to shift gears and also inspect her bicycle for safety. I learned several things I had not known about bicycles as well. She is very concerned about being in shape next year for the start of middle school, and for us, this is a life changing experience! I would highly recommend John's class for students at any age.
TeachStreet student
Great Experience and perfect for beginners I am 36 and felt I was too old to learn till I met John. He is a great teacher and coach. He constantly encouraged me to learn. When I could ride the bike, it felt absolutely liberating. I will always be thankful to John. Highly recommend him as a trainer.
TeachStreet student
Really Worth the Money and the Time I recently bought a bike because my feet have started complaining that I walk and run on them too much. I'm in my late 50s, and the last time I rode a bike regularly was 30 years ago, so I was just plain nervous about riding. Fortunately, I remembered that a friend knew a bicycle coach. I contacted John and met him on the Stanford Campus one day for a private class. In less than two hours, he made me much more comfortable about riding, teaching me skills that I could grasp immediately and teaching me drills to practice on my own. When I ride now, I can hear his voice advising me. He was very patient and supportive and positive and did not make me feel clumsy or stupid about what I couldn't do or didn't know. I recommend his clinic HIGHLY.
TeachStreet student
John is an awesome teacher I am 31 years old and never road a bike in my life. John's learn to ride class got me bicyling in 2.5 hours. I was very impressed. John is an expert in bicycle handling. He goes in depth how to best control the bicycle. I wanted to start using the bike for commuting and health and green reasons. He is absolutely passionate about what he does. I cant wait to take his other class bicycle handling skills
Merin Mathew
Excellent for beginners I had a very short lesson with john but it was very useful--he explained to me all teh basic things about bike riding that i didn't know..i always thought I was struggling becuase of lack of balance-but it was really proper fit and handling .. I am a "okay" biker know but wouldn't mind another lesson on how to improve --thanks john!
TeachStreet student
John is a fabulous teacher I took a two hour biking lesson from John and was gliding on my bike within half an hour. I am not only recommeding John for the outcome of the lesson but the whole teaching experience. Few things: 1. Responsiveness: I touched base with John on a weekend and within no time we had a time setup to take a lesson during the week. He's also available on weeknds. 2. Teaching Strategy: John had 2 bikes with him to teach me. One was smaller for initial balancing of the body while the other was for actual biking. I liked his strategy of using a single pedal on the smaller bike and then building onto using both the pedals. Although I had biked as a kid on training wheels; I was very rusty, scared and needed tips on biking. John provided all of these during the course of the lesson. 3. Interest: Soon after the lesson he also guided me about things to consider while buying a bike at a nearby biking store and was extremely resposnsive when I emailed him for the same. Just shows he loves teaching and helping people and goes above and beyond for what his job calls for. He is also an extremely encouraging and patient teacher, motivating me throughtout the lesson. I would highly recommend John to anyone who is learning to bike.
John was an excellent teacher The Bicycle Handling Skills clinic is a "must" for anyone that is a bit unsure about their skill level or would like to build up their confidence. I needed to build my confidence with handling a cycle..especially since i want to start using the cycle as my mode of transportation. John showed me some tricks and techniques that I wouldn't have known on my own. Each technique was essential for my confidence level. At the end of the session, I felt very confident and couldn't imagine how i would've survived riding on the streets without the 1:1 session that I just had. I highly reccomend this clinic before you hit the streets.
This class was exactly what I was looking for What a great class and John was such a great teacher. I signed up for John Ciccarelli's "Bicycle Handling Skills Clinic" because I wanted to be able to commute to work on my bike confidently and enjoy the ride rather than fearing it since I hadn't ridden in a long time. John was great, he had our time together mapped out after completing a bike handling skills evaluation. He covered so much and gave additional time to the areas that were most important to me. John is an excellent teacher and a really great bicyclist making it look so easy which gave me a more positive outlook in my going through different drills. I was very nervous but John's pleasant nature, professionalism, and good energy put me in a good frame to learn and it was fun. He ended our session by teaching me different drills that I could practice later by myself to continue working on my handling skills. John and I spent about 1-1/2 hours together and it was the best investment I could have made, I'm now enjoying bicycling around the city and I'm safe instead of scared. Thanks John!
TeachStreet student
John is great instructor! I had an amazing experience learning to bike with John Ciccarelli. I'm an adult who was always, always affraid of bicycles and one decided to try. Imagine how scared I was then... John was extremely helpful from the first moment. He knows all the tricks, has a special very neat bike. John is very patient but knows when you challenge you so to keep the lesson interesting. And his magic just works! I'm a happy biker now :)
Rusty Beginner Rider's Self Esteem/skills Built I was a beginner rider over 17 years ago (who hadn't ridden since) and was revisiting bicycling now that I live in the Bay Area, ultimately wanting to bicycle with my little one. I arrived to my lesson with my 16 & 2 year old daughters accompanying me and John met us with a smile. They played, watched, (of course) commented and cheered on as I learned to push off start, reset the peddles at a stop, to turn in loops and up a slight incline/decline, stop without crashing, use gears, and more. Once John saw I had reviewed with some confidence all the skills necessary to begin practicing on my own, he ended the lesson rather than requiring me to finish out the entirety of our allotted time, with the comment "You've learned all I have to teach you....(now go practice)." John was encouraging, could tell I had ridden before - shocking to me- and helped my self esteem and confidence in beginning the riding journey again. Even my athletic and apt teenage bicyclist commented she was 'impressed'! If that doesn't say it all, what does??
TeachStreet student
John is absolutely amazing!!! John taught my daughter how to bike in just an hour...he was simply amazing...all the wonderful techniques John uses and how he breaks up the class in baby steps so children do not feel scared are phenomenal. My daughter would not get off training wheels for the longest time and once she took 1 wheels were history. Now she is a very confident biker and never bikes without her helmet! Now for all the adults out there who are scared to bike, you will be happy to know that John taught me how to bike as well...i had biked a couple of times when i was young but never really did get the hang of proper biking until I met John. Thank you so much John!!! May God bless you.
I can finally ride a bicycle! I'm 30 and never rode a bike prior to John's class. As I was getting older, I just didn't know how to get started and was frankly embarrassed about not knowing how to ride a bike. I was googling bike lessons and stumbled upon John's website here .I decided to give it a shot and I'm happy to report that it was a good decision. It took me 2 lessons (a total of 4.5 hours) to learn how to ride. In the first lesson (~2.5 hours), I was getting used to the weird motion of moving on a bike and learning how to glide. In the second lesson (2 hours), that I took about 4 weeks later, I was able to do the Figure 8 loops, shift gears, and basically ride a bike! I'm really satisfied that I can finally ride a bike. John's coaching really helped. He is patient, observant and tells you how to correct yourself when you're making a mistake. His pointers are very helpful and saves you a lot of time from having to figure it out yourself. If anyone wants to learn how to ride a bicycle, I highly recommend John!
TeachStreet student
Perfect If You Have Never Ridden a Bicycle As an adult who never learned to ride a bicycle, John Ciccarelli provide perfect help. He is patient and observant, and has taught many people, including those who are not well coordianated, the basics of bicycle riding. Subjects include gliding, peddling, basic turns and shifting gears. I took three hours, which John claims is about average. I especially liked his patience, detailed program, willingness to work with the student and observations on what is causing difficulties. If you are an adult who does not know how to ride, cotact John. He really should be able to get you up and riding.
TeachStreet student
Amazing Adult Bike Riding Lessons John was a pleasure to work with and made my 25 years of fear melt away. He is experienced working with adults. Has developed an easy system of small, incremental steps to make the process accessible. He is very encouraging and patient. I would recommend that anyone wanting to learn how to ride a bike give John a call.
Laure McElroy
ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS TEACHER!! My 11 year old is part of the new couch-potato digital generation, and i am one of those harried, working single-moms who missed the boat on teaching her kid how to ride a bike. Ciccareli took a kid (mine) who has been known to tantrum around walking 5 city blocks, and taught him how to ride in less than 2 hours!!! john, you are a patient, funny, patient, PATIENT man; and you definitely kick-butt as a teacher!!! i reccommend this guy highly, and so does my son!
TeachStreet student
I learned in two hours! I learned to ride my bike in two hours at age 45. I recommend John Ciccarelli to anyone who is afraid they are going to fall. I promise, You will not. I have been riding ever since. Thanks John
Noor A.
As odd as it may sound but I never learned how to ride a bike as a child.  I've tried learning on my own several times during the past few years but to no avail.  I started doing some research to see if I could find a professional instructor in the Bay Area who could teach me how to ride a bike.  I contacted several different cycling organizations in the area and they all recommended John Ciccarelli.  I've taken one two-hour lesson with John and plan on taking at least one more.  John is an excellent instructor and I would highly highly recommend him.  After so many failed attempts, I really had my doubts but I'm now confident that I can learn how to ride a bike.  John and I met up at the Bicycle Learning Area of Golden Gate Park.  I brought a helmet and he brought along a bike.  He spent the first few minutes adjusting my bike helmet and the bike to my height and then removed both pedals.  I spent about 45 minutes just learning how to glide and balance myself on the bike.  He then added one pedal, then two, and then I actually started pedaling!!  Through the two hour lesson, John was patient, encouraging, and offered constructive comments to help me improve.  After the two hour lesson was up, he spent another 30 minutes with me checking out bikes at the two bike stores across the street.  He offered recommendations for the type of bike I should get, brands and models he'd recommend, and various accessories I may need.  He even recommended a few bike shops in the South Bay for me.  I can't wait for my next lesson and to finally be able to ride on my own!